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At some point during 20 years living in four different Asian countries & visiting many more, John Duerden realised that , from Ulaanbaatar to Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi to Hanoi's Old City, there are billions of stories in Asia waiting to be told. There are also thousands of people desperate to tell them.

Asia Media United makes that happen --and more besides.

This is a network to connect young (and perhaps not so young) talented content providers to a wider audience and also each other. 

John is an experienced UK-born journalist and author. Since the last century, he has covered Asia for The Guardian, Associated Press, New York Times, BBC and for a wide variety of  Asian media organisations.


He has also set up  (mostly!) successful media companies in South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam and India.


John also knows that he has not even scratched the surface of what is going on in Asia. There is much more to tell.

Asia Media United

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Connecting those who want to hear Asia's stories with those who want to tell them